Course Description


If you want to (1) prevent Radon in your home or (2) remove Radon from your home, the Radon Self Study Course will give you step-by-step walk through guides you need to accomplish these two goals. Learning how to prevent Radon and WHY it's so harmful to your health.

Goals & Outcomes for you and your home:

  • (1) Find out the best course of action to remove Radon from your home
  • (2) Learn how to detect Radon & your risk of Radon
  • (3) Keep your home healthy and free from Radon

Workbooks, Checklists & Printable Guides You Will Get:

(1)Radon & Your Health

(2) Introduction to Radon

(3) Radon Mitigation Guide

(4) Radon Contractor Workbook

(5) Radon Plan Workbook

(6) Radon 10 Step Complete Walk Through Guide

(7) Radon Mitigation Guide

Certified Building Biologist & Certified Home Inspector

Amanda Klecker

Amanda Klecker has launched a wealth of information and knowledge for homeowners looking to improve their living environment and create a healthy home with her site Healthy House on the Block. She is passionate about helping homeowners create their own healthy living environment. Since the time she was a young girl, Amanda was involved in helping customers in her family's plumbing and heating business in St. Paul, Minnesota. After seeing story after story play out where family's had mold growing in their home, Amanda knew she had to be a part of the solution to help get information to families. Amanda has trained with Internachi Inspections as well as Water Quality Standards Academy. She is a Certified Building Biology Practitioner through the International Institute for Building Biology and is constantly performing new training and learning about the newest found toxins and solutions for healthy living.With a background in Legal Studies, Amanda has created many easy to understand and follow workbooks and guides for new and seasoned homeowners. She’s always working hard to create a healthy home environment for her husband and daughters. Healthy homes = healthy lives.

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